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Transformer 5VT-I rotating special (5-VTI, 5 VTI)
Transformer rotating 5VT-I a special three-winding two-pole contact machine.
Technical characteristics of the instrument transformers 5VT-I rotating special:
The error display sine function - 0.3%;
The asymmetry of the null positions of the rotor unit transformer 5VT-I rotating special - ± 12ugl.min.;
Inequality coefficients of transformation - 14.5 ang;
The range of pulse repetition frequency instrument transformer 5VT-I rotating special - 4000Hz;
The shape of the excitation voltage pulses - rectangular;
The fill factor of the repetition period instrument transformer voltage pulses 5VT-I rotating special - 0.7;
Pulse amplitude of the excitation voltage - 110V;
Amplitude current pulses, the instrument transformer 5VT-I rotating special - 5A;
Input impedance-load - 3 Ohm;
Instrument Transformer Turns Ratio 5VT-I rotating special - 0.74;
Inductance winding - 1100mkGn;
Inductance transformer winding device rotating special 5VT-I short-circuit output windings - 120mkGn;
Change Contact resistance when turning the rotor - 0.1 Ohms
Shaft speed - 20ob/min;
Moment of static friction device rotating transformer 5VT-I special - 0.0075 Nm
Weight - 0.65 kg;
Vibration loads:
- Frequency range - up to 2000Hz;
- Acceleration - 200m / s 2;
Shock - 1500m / s 2;
Ambient temperature - -60 ° C to +70 º C;
Relative humidity at 40 ° C - 98%;
Warranty life instrument transformer 5VT-I rotating special - 15,000 hours;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument transformer 5VTI rotating special technical requirements specifications subject to user terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.

Photos: 5VT-I

5VT-I transformer image.
5VT-I transformer image.
5VT-I transformer image.
5VT-I transformer image.
5VT-I front view (shaft).
5VT-I front view (shaft).
5VT-I side view.
5VT-I side view.
5VT-I rear view (shaft).
5VT-I rear view (shaft).