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5ПО-1М Library reader


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Library reader "Mikrofot" 5PO-1M (5PO1M, 5PO 1M 5PO1-M, 5PO1 M, 5-PO-1M)
     Library reader "Mikrofot" 5PO-1M is designed for reading color and black and white microfilm on 16mm perforated film and a width of 35mm.
     The device is designed to operate in areas with scattered electric lighting.
     Technical characteristics of the devices library reader "Mikrofot" 5PO-1M:
     The width of the microfilm - 16mm, 35mm;
     The size of the frame window:
      - For 16mm film - 15h20mm;
      - 35mm film - 33h40mm;
     Lenses instrument library reader "Mikrofot" 5PO-1M:
      - Jupiter-8G = 50mm - 1:2;
      - Jupiter-12g = 35mm - 1:2.8;
      - Jupiter-8G = 50mm - 10krat;
      - Jupiter-12g = 35mm - 16krat;
     Capacity reel device library reader "Mikrofot" 5PO-1M - no more than 30m;
     Power supply - AC 220V ± 11V, 50Hz;
     Power consumption - less than 110 V A;
     Dimensions instrument library reader "Mikrofot" 5PO-1M - 400h510h620mm;
     Weight - no more than 15kg.