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45D-32-2 Angle sensor 45D-32-2 induction.


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Angle sensor 45D-32-2 induction (45D322, 45D 32 2, 45D-322, 45D 322, 45-D-322, 45 L 322)
Angle sensor 45D-32-2 induction is designed to transform the rotation angle of the rotor is proportional to the linear variation of the amplitude of output voltage and can be used as a feedback sensor, or linear rotary transformer.
The sensor is an inductive electrical machine with stator and neyavnopolyusnym salient-pole rotor bezobmotochnym when turning from the zero position by linkage of the secondary winding increases linearly up to a maximum specified for each type of sensor range of angles.
Angle sensor 45D-32-2 induction is designed for operation in conditions of high hardness, specific to the products of aviation technology.
Technical characteristics of the devices encoders 45D-32-2 induction:
Accuracy Class - 1.0, 2.0;
Linearity error - no more than ± 0,5%;
The range of linearity of the characteristics of the instrument angle sensor 45D-32-2 induction - ± 30 ang.;
The secondary voltage of the range of linearity - 12.444, 13B;
The minimum secondary voltage angle sensor device 45D-32-2 induction - no more than 30mV;
Current in the primary - no more than 100mA;
Dimensions angle sensor device 45D-32-2 induction:
- Diameter - 32mm;
- Length - 34,5mm;
Weight - 0.1 kg;
Power supply unit angle sensor 45D-32-2 induction - 36V;
Frequency - 400 Hz.