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    Electric tools 43201
    43201 electric tools - combined appliance designed for the measurement of AC and DC power.

    - Voltage: 1 mV - 1000 V;
    - Current: 1mkA-30A;
    - Impedance: 0.5 ohm - 5MOm;
    - Capacity: 0.05 uF - 50mkF.
    Mode of operation: continuous.

With the help of the device is measured 43201:

    - The power and the DC voltage;
     - RMS power and AC voltage sine wave;
    - DC resistance;
    - Electrical receptacle;
    - The absolute level of the signal voltage alternating current in electrical circuits measurement objects, usable state that is not affected by their interaction with the device or the output of standardized characteristics of the device beyond the limits set specifications.
    43201 is used in the regulation, repair and maintenance of electrical and radio equipment in different rooms with climate control conditions.

Technical characteristics of the device 43201

43201 devices are designed to run continuously for 16 hours with a break before restarting 1:00. Continuous operation of an ohmmeter instrument used is determined by the rated capacity of the current sources and a current consumption.
    On the working climate applications 43201 belongs to a group 2 GOST 22261. Working temperature environment for optimum operation of the device is between -10 º C and +40 º C. Maximum relative humidity must not exceed 80% at 25 º C and atmospheric pressure of 630 mm Hg 800 mmHg

Photos: 43201

43201 device image.
43201 device image.
43201 front view.
43201 front view.
43201 side view.
43201 side view.
43201 rear view.
43201 rear view.
43201 bottom view.
43201 bottom view.