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    Combined electrical measuring device 43102-M1
    Also, this device can be called: 43102 M1, 43102M1.
    43102-M1 electronic measuring device combination is designed to measure the following parameters car engines:
    - DC voltage;
    - RMS value of the AC voltage;
    - DC resistance;
    - The engine speed of the engine;
    - Corner of the closed state of the interrupt pins.

    Limits of measurement:
    - A DC voltage - 2.5 V; 25 V; 50 V;
    - AC voltage - 50 V; 500 V;
    - DC resistance - 0.1 ohms, 100 ohms;
    - Engine speed - 1500 min-1; 9000 min-1.
    - Corner of the closed state of contact breaker - 45°; 60°; 90°.

    The basic error of instruments testers 43102-M1:
    - When measuring DC voltage - less than ±1,5%;
    - With the other dimensions - no more than ±2,5%.
    Tester is used to check:
    - The state of the primary circuit of the ignition;
    - Proper installation angle breaker contacts closed state;
    - The state of the spring breaker;
    - Battery status without load and under load;
    - Operation of the generator and relay control;
    - The efficiency of the cylinders;
    - Electrical circuits, electrical vehicle.
    The presentation of results testers 43102-M1 - arrow.
    Specifications 43102-M1:

    Food ohmmeter - independent.
    Food crankshaft measuring circuits - from the car battery.
    Uptime - 1200 hrs.
    Average life - 10 years.

    Overall dimensions of the combined 43102-M1 - 176x112x52 mm.
    Devices combined weight - 0.65 kg.
    Operating conditions:

    Ambient temperature - from +1° C to +40° C.
    Relative humidity at +25° C - 80%.
    Operating position - horizontal.

    The manufacturer guarantees compliance tester 43102-M1 all the technical requirements provided the customer terms and conditions of use, storage and transportation, installed documentation manuals.

Photos: 43102-M1

43102-M1 device image.
43102-M1 device image.
43102-M1 front view.
43102-M1 front view.
43102-M1 side view.
43102-M1 side view.
43102-M1 rear view.
43102-M1 rear view.
43102-M1 overhead view.
43102-M1 overhead view.
43102-M1 bottom view.
43102-M1 bottom view.