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2TVG-4 Temperature meter 2TVG-4.


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Measuring temperature 2TVG-4 (2TVG4, 2-TVG-4, 2TVG 4)
Measuring temperature 2TVG-4, complete with thermocouples are designed for remote measurement of the average temperature of the gas flow turboprop and turbojet engines, as well as temperature under spark cylinder reciprocating engines.
Technical characteristics of the instrument temperature gauges 2TVG-4:
Temperature measuring range - from +300 º C to +900 º C;
The working range of temperature measurement device measuring temperature 2TVG-4 - to +450 º C to +750 º C;
The error for the operating range:
- Meter - ± 8 º C;
- Set of - ± 16 º C;
Calibration of the instrument used in measuring temperature thermocouples 2TVG-4 - NC-SA;
Dimensions - 85h85h110mm;
Weight - 1000g;
Shelf-life instrument measuring temperature 2TVG-4 - 2 years;
The term of operation, taking into account the shelf life - 5 years;
Mean time between appliance thermometer 2TVG-4 - 4,000 hours;
Meters are based on magnetoelectric systems, which convert an electrical signal proportional to the measured temperature, the mechanical rotation of the needle;
Meters operate autonomously, and they do not require external power supplies, except electrical signal of thermo-emf, which is formed by thermocouples;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument measuring the temperature 2TVG-4 technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.