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    Laboratory autotransformer 2M220 (2M 220; 2M-220; M 2 220, 2 220 m, 220 m 2 and 2 m -220; 220 m 2)
    Laboratory autotransformer 2M220 - a device designed for variable AC voltage with frequency of 50 Hz or 60 Hz with various electrical works.

    Operating input voltage range - 0-250V.
    The output voltage - 220.
    Mode of operation - continuous.
    Mains current frequency - 50 Hz.
    LATR 2M220 used for laboratory research using non-standard voltages, as well as to maintain manually Load voltage. Main scope of Lattre 2M220 is commissioning and testing of various low-voltage equipment, audio and video equipment, medical equipment, electric motors, some household appliances.
    Structural features 2M220

2M220 autotransformer is made ​​of a toroidal magnetic core with a wound on his copper winding. The winding is not an isolated track to provide electrical contact with the coil load by sliding contact - carbon brush.
    Specifications 2M220

LATR 2M220 has built a voltmeter and a regulator for pay changes AC output in the range from 0 to 250V. Changing the transformation ratio is the result of movement of the contact load connected by winding autotransformer.
    2M220 auto-transformers are designed for use with an air temperature of the environment from -5 º C to +40 º C and a relative humidity of 80%.