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2ASM-400 (2ACM-400)

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20 pieces

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   The electric motor 2ASM-400 (2ASM400; 2ASM 400; 2acm-400; 2acm400; 2acm 400)
    The electric motor 2ASM-400 - biphasic electrical machine that converts AC electric power into mechanical energy.
    Current - 0.17 A.
    Power - 4.6 Watts
    Mode - continuous.
    Rated speed - 1120ob/min.
    Power supply - 220V, 50Hz.

Electric 2ASM-400 is very active and widely used in various sectors of agriculture and industry. Usually engine 2ASM-400 is used in electric industrial machines and crane mechanisms, winches, metal and machine tools, fans, pumps, compressors, conveyors, etc.