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2.5VT LSH3.010.395

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Transformer 2.5VT LSH3.010.395 rotating (2.5 W, 2.5-BT, 2,5 bt, 2,5 Tues LSH3.010.395, 2.5-BT LSH3.010.395, 2.5 W LSHZ.010.395, 2, 5 bt, 2,5-bt)
Rotary transformers 2.5W intended for use in electro-mechanical computing devices, servo systems, as well as the primary sensor to digital converters.
Depending on the scheme and the inclusion mode (function) devices rotating transformer 2.5 VT LSH3.010.395 divided into sine-cosine (Synchro), output voltage which is proportional to the sine (cosine) the angle of rotation of the rotor, and linear (LVT), the output voltage which varies linearly proportional to the angle of ± 60 °.
Technical characteristics of the instrument transformers 2.5VT LSH3.010.395 rotating:
The excitation voltage applied to the stator windings.
POWER COLLECTION rotor windings with the instrument transformer 2.5 VT by rotating slip rings (perhaps the reverse inclusion of the windings on nutrition and yield).
Operation - LVT;
Power supply unit transformer 2.5 VT LSH3.010.395 rotating- 27V;
Input impedance-load - 400 ohms ± 80 ohms;
Instrument Transformer Turns Ratio rotating 2.5 VT LSH3.010.395 - 1,000 ± 0,050;
Rotary transformers 2.5 W are divided into accuracy classes:
- Transformer 2.5 VT LSH3.010.395 0.2 accuracy class (0.2 cl. T) has the characteristics:
- Residual EDS - no more than 0.2%;
- Error display a linear relationship - ± 0,2%;
- Transformer 2.5 VT LSH3.010.395 0.3 accuracy class (0.3 cl. T) has the characteristics:
- Residual EDS - no more than 0.3%;
- Error display a linear relationship - ± 0,3%;
Rated frequency of the instrument transformer 2.5 VT LSH3.010.395 rotating - 400Hz;
Frequency Range - 400Hz to 4000Hz from;
Weight of the device rotating transformer 2.5 VT LSH3.010.395 - no more than 0.12 kg;
Warranty life at speed up to 5ob/min - 6000 hours, including 1,000 hours at temperatures up to 373K (100 º C), the remaining 5,000 hours in normal conditions, or speed up 20ob/min - 1000 hours at temperatures up to 323K ( 50 º C);
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument transformer 2.5 VT LSH3.010.395 rotating the technical requirements specifications subject to user terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.