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Transformer 10MVT-2V-5P-01 rotating (10MVT2V5P01, 10-MVT-2-V-5-P-01, 10 MVT 2 V 5 P-01, 10MVT2V-5P-01, 10MVT2V 5P-01, 10MVT-2V5P-01, 10MVT 2V5P-01, 10-MVT2V-5P-01, 10-MVT2V 5P-01, 10 MVT2V-5P-01, 10 MVT2V 5P-01)
Technical characteristics of the instrument transformers 10MVT-2V-5P-01Rotating:
Nominal excitation voltage - 2V-28V;
Nominal frequency of the excitation voltage - 400Hz-500Hz;
Turns Ratio 10mW-2B-5P - 0,56 ± 0,01;
Shaft speed - 60ob/min.